With Bike Purchase

Bike Fitting

Cranky’s performs basic fitting services with the purchase of each new bike.  We’ll use industry standard techniques for setting the height and set-back of your saddle.  We’ll do the same to set the reach to your handlebar.  We’ll then get some feedback from you based upon how the fit looks when you ride and how it feels to you.  More advance fits services can be performed by a professional fit service if needed at an additional cost (Final Fit). 

90-Day/150 Mile Tune-Up Service

All new bikes are sold fully assemble and tuned.  After 90 days or 150 miles, bring your bike in for a free tune-up service and safety check.  Our Basic Tune-Up Service consists of the following:  Inspect, safety check and tighten all components and fittings to manufacturers’ specifications.  Inspect and adjust gearing and braking systems.  Inspect and adjust headset, hub and bottom bracket bearings.  True wheels and check spoke tension.  Lubricate according to manufacturers’ specifications.  Our normal shop rate for this service is $65.00. 

1-Year Maintenance Service

If you buy a new bike from Cranky’s, minor service work is included for the first year you own the bike.  This work includes:  1. inspecting and tightening all components and fittings, and; 2. adjusting and lubricating brakes and gears.  

Other repairs and maintenance may be required and would be performed at our normal shop rates.  Flats, damage due to accident or abuse, non-warranty replacement of parts and installation labor are charged at regular shop rates.